June 16 
Golden Museum led by
Jon & Barbara N

June 22 - 24
Jefferson City Drive led by Don & Deb V  and Tim & Carol see the schedule page for added info

July 7 Monthly meeting
 Meeting starts at 9:30am Be there at 9:00am for breakfast and conversation
Our After Meeting Drive will be a who knows where  led by Ronny & Cindy

Our club was founded in 1999, we currently we have approximately 60 members/ cars.

If you have a Mazda Miata, you are more than welcome to join our club and help us explore the area while enjoying the friendship of our membership.


Our club gives back to the community

as a Non Profit Social Car Club.


If you are just visiting our area and we have an outing or meeting scheduled, we invite you to join us in your Miata on our Miata perfect road trips in the Ozark's.  We stop at unique restaurants and points of interest along the way.


Take a moment to get to know us by browsing  through our website!

Those who wish to keep-up with our members on Facebook

Check out

Our Facebook Group


The Northwest Arkansas Miata Club  

Updated 06/06/2018

          Stormy Blue

        Stan & Jan W